Yoga has been proven to calm and bring peace to the soul. Physical exercise will also increase your confidence and blood circulation in our body, and eliminate stress or stress.  Each type of yoga have different functions, one to increase your sexual desire and function. This is supported by a report in the journal Sexual Medicine in 2008. It is said that women who practice yoga have a sex drive that remain lit, and are more comfortable when having sex.

By Sadie Nardini, a yoga instructor in New York City and founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, the first way to increase libido or sexual desire is to self-soothe. If you can accept yourself and your partner is, it will wake up feeling more confident. This is the key to getting warmer sex life.

For that, you need to know first the various yoga poses that serves to increase libido. But you are not advised to perform this movement, if not warmed up or had never done yoga before.

1. Cat pose (sitting)
Place the fabric mat, then fold your legs toward your chest. Then lekukkan your back towards the front, and position your hands on your knees. Hold for a few minutes and then pull back the opposite direction (his chest). Inhale deeply, and exhale slowly.

This pose will make the flow of blood and oxygen to the organs of intimate you become more fluent. Make a well in pairs.

2. Pose butterfly
Sit up straight, and then combine the palms of your feet (sticking together and pressed), and hold both feet with your hands. Inhale and exhale slowly. Make sure your knee does not stick to the mat. Hold this pose for 10-20 intake of breath.

This movement is highly recommended by Dr. Karimova Nilfar MD, and Dr. Daniel Silverstein, MD, of the Holistic Wellness Center in New York City. Because the upright seating position and feet pressed together to launch the blood flow towards the brain.

3. Camel pose
Ever see a camel sit down? Well, this position is also one of yoga poses. The trick, sitting on his knees, then arch your body backwards until you can hold both your heel. At that time you will feel your abdominal muscles and hips are interested. Expose your face upward. Hold this pose for 1-2 minutes.

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